Retro Nyx

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Retro Nyx is a Limited Carrier added during the Retro Ship Event 2021.


The Retro Nyx is a limited version of the original Nyx featuring the ship's old model, and original fighters, some of the stats are somewhat different than the Nyx (e.g. higher speed, higher total health, etc.).


The Retro Nyx is a large, long, flat carrier that is identical to the iconic first model of the Nyx.

A teleporter at the back leads to bridge, which contains the pilot seat, and the teleporter to the hangar.

The Fighter Bay is a long hangar housing 12 Nyxesion fighters and a door leading to the Interior that contains 10 seats for players and the teleporter to the bridge.


  • Huge total health, at 28000 total health (and the damage resistance of 55%).
  • Relatively high acceleration, turn speed, and top speed for it's class.
  • Relatively high Cargo Hold (1000).
  • Large death explosion can easily destroy all smaller ships in range (~5000 studs).
  • One of the highest DPS carriers in the game with fighters, standing at a monstrous 1367.26 DPS, rivalling that of Ghoul Nyx and Kapisi.
  • One of the best ships for sieging bases and destroying large capital ships with its fighter swarm.


  • Players can easily swarm an undefended Retro Nyx.
  • Extremely large.
  • Huge blindspot underneath the ship and a small blindspot behind the ship.
  • Very expensive, costing over 540k credits and a B class permit.
  • Without its fighters, it is almost unable to fight any ships that it engages, making it defenseless, even with its enormous health.
  • Will be hunted due to being a limited ship.
  • Low turret DPS compared to other limited carriers.
  • Very expensive to fill up its fighter's with AI pilots costing 3000 robux without VIP to fill.


  • Do not use this ship alone. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust.
  • Never overestimate the ship's health, as a coordinated fleet could easily shred your ship.
  • It can be used as a support Carrier in sieges by carrying Fighters to distract enemy Starbases, as well as providing great support from its large fighter swarm.
  • The Retro Nyx can be used as a decent tank as it has more health than some Super Capital ships but this is not recommended as the Retro Nyx is a limited carrier and will be targeted and hunted.
  • Warp in, release fighters, then immediately warp back to your strongest starbase.
  • Extremely powerful in taking down NPC Bosses.

Version History

  • Turnspeed reduced from 0.25 to 0.17, Health reduced from 16500/14500 to 13500/12000 in version .73a3
  • Retro Heavy Laser count reduced from 3 to 2 in version .73a3.
  • Health increased from 13500/12000 to 16000/12000 after the event ended.
  • Interior reverted to original Nyx interior but this caused the ship to be unable to turn rendering it useless until a fix.
  • Interior reverted to original interior and thus allowing to be turned rendering it actually capable of combat in version .73f.


  • yname was the first to lose this to yname's Starbase.