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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Jormungand is a Pirate AI Battlecruiser that acts as the big brother to the Dragoon.


The Jormungand is a Pirate AI that has high shield damage compared to other Pirate ships.


The Jormungand behaves identically to the pattern of an AI ship. This ship, like the Dragoon and weaker Aliens, cannot call reinforcements to its side, but will respond to the calls of Kodiak, X-0, or Galleon.

1-3 Jormungands have a chance to spawn every 10 Minutes.

One unusual factor about it that sets it unique from other AI Ships is that you can grab its attention up to 25k Studs away, unlike the normal 14k Stud attention range. This means that if you were 20k Studs away from a Jormungand, it would lock on to you.


  • Move near it so that it turns its back from you and blocks its spinals from firing.
  • If you don't plan on using a capital ship, it is suggested to use a ship with powerful spinal weaponry like the Razor Wing or Guillotine
  • The Jormungand can not be seen without the Minimap for ~100k studs.


10 Armor Scrap, 50 Material Scrap and ~5.5k in combat rewards.

Version History

  • 4 Small Phasers on the [F] spinal changed to 3 Small Phasers, and 2 Phasers added as the [G] spinal in version ???.
  • 15 Armor Scraps added for loot in version .73c10.
  • Size up-scaled, combat rewards increased by ~65%, can now detect up to 6k away instead of 14k away in version .74b17.
  • Model changed from Nidhogg to Radiance in version .75a15.


  • This ship was added to the game without being announced in the Update Log.
  • The name of this ship comes from Norse Mythology, from J√∂rmungandr, otherwise known as the World Serpent.