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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Blizzard is a powerful Carrier that was introduced in the Christmas Event 2017, but was re-introduced in the Christmas Event 2022.


The Blizzard is an extremely large Carrier that carries 4 Unique IceFyre Fighters.

This Ship excels at being a flagship in a fleet due to it's health, firepower, and speed, and the diversity of Turrets it has, having extremely high turret firepower for a Carrier.


The Blizzard is one of the largest and widest ships in the game, even bigger than some Super Capital Ships. and dwarfing every other Carriers in size.

The Ship has a futuristic, snow theme with many, many complex detailings around it. On its back has a large amount of engines, along with 2 extremely large fins around its side, supporting the ship. On the sides can be seen the 2 Hangars with each carrying 2 IceFyre fighters. On the front has its signature yellow ball, which was a reference to its previous model.

Its interior sports a large room with many icy decorations like icicles on its ceiling. There are 3 Seats, with the middle being the pilot seat.


  • Large health pool.
  • Despite it's size, it is fast with a top speed of 80
  • Has very high firepower for a carrier, allowing it to destroy other large Capital Ships even without the assistance of its fighters.
  • Can support itself very well even without its Fighters.
  • Has long range turrets with a range of up to 6800.
  • Fighters can shred shields from their spinals.
  • Great for supporting fleets with its high health and large firepower.


  • Large Blindspots underneath and on the back of the ship.
  • Extremely Large, making it very easy to hit with spinals and any turrets.
  • Struggles to fire all turrets at once, unless pointing directly at its target.
  • Limited carrier, making you a large target.


  • Do not use this ship alone. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust.
  • When fighting with the Blizzard, try and stay pointed to your opponent so all your turrets have a line of sight.
  • If you have to fight, stay below and pointed at the enemy so majority of your turrets can fire, and take down AA Ships with your turret firepower like the Ampharos and Hyron which can shred your Fighters.
  • Beware of swarms of small Ships that can overwhelm the Blizzard.

Version History

  • The ship was renamed due to the quest being broken.
  • Received a remodel in .61e.
  • Received several changes in .65b. including a health buff that buffed Shield from 2500 to 3750, and Hull from 2000 to 4500. Its Flak Cannons were replaced with Dual Cannons. The fighters replaced with IceFyres.
  • Cannons reverted to Flak Cannons in version .65b.
  • Health increased from 3750/4500 to 8000/5000 in version .68d.
  • Hull increased to 9000, turret loadout changed to 2 Frosty Flak Cannons, 2 Frosty Dual Medium Lasers, 2 Frosty Dual Medium Cannons, 2 Frosty Triple Heavy Cannons and 1 Frosty Triple Heavy Laser in an unknown version (only revealed in-game).
  • Complete Remodel and Overhaul of the entire ship in version .75a37.


  • This was the first Christmas Event 2017 limited ship.
  • Was the only carrier to exclusively have Dragonflies.
  • The Blizzard was originally named the Snowstorm, but the name was changed.
  • Due to the name of the ship being changed, the error message "This model is too big for Roblox to handle" was displayed as a placeholder. This has since been fixed.
  • Many players sold the Blizzard to gain more Credits; however, most of them didn't realize that it was gone until the Christmas Event 2022.
  • The second holiday-themed event ship that was obtained through a quest, the first being the Reaper.
  • The second event Carrier, the first being the Ghoul Nyx.
  • Funny enough, back in the days when this was available, the ship was deemed weak and so it was sold by a lot of the people who got it back then, for about 40k.
  • The remodeled version has an orb at the front of the ship, similar to the Vansnova, Reaper, and the Grim.
  • The original Blizzard model was meant to be a Revelation remodel made by ARiNA.
  • The original model resembles the Damocles from Rebel Galaxy.
Old Blizzard Model