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The Borealis is an enormous Carrier and one of the largest ships in the game.


The Borealis is currently the only build-menu ship to have once been classified as an advanced ship. It has custom Fighters known as Blitzes.


The interior of the Borealis is taken up almost entirely by the fighter bay. What few decorations exist are limited to the pilot seat room, which has a large Yellow orb and a throne-like pilot's seat with a simple control board.


  • Armed with a decent arsenal of Turrets.
  • Very high numbers of powerful Fighters.
  • Large healthpool.
  • Massive Hull damage(for a carrier) makes it able to shred hull-based ships such as the Armageddon and Slipstream.
  • High explosion damage makes it decent for nuking.
  • Capable of soloing most Dreadnoughts, including the Catalyst.


  • No Spinals.
  • Extremely slow.
  • A large target in-game.
  • Extremely large and easy to hit, especially from underneath or behind it.
  • The Blitz fighters have a mediocre healthpool.
  • No jump seats.
  • Relies on fighters in order to deal shield damage.
  • Struggles with line of sight on its turrets if you are not below your target.


  • Target AA ships like the Hyron or Ampharos so your fighters don't die.
  • Never go alone if you do not have fighters.
  • Allow yourself to be a main tank in a battle situation.
  • Watch out for fleets of Dreadnoughts that have the aim of defeating you.
  • If the situation is dire, use your death explosion to cause a crushing blow to any nearby ships.
  • Go to the bottom of the map, right at the border and release the fighters from below your enemy. Do this because majority of your turrets are on top of the ship so you can fire on anyone who attempts to attack you.

Version History

  • One of the ships to receive an event remodel during the Halloween Event 2018. The remodel is known as the Skeletal Ghostealis.
  • Shields reduced from 12000 to 9000, 4 Light Gatling Lasers and 2 Medium Cannons replaced with 2 Heavy Flak Cannons and 7 Quantum Cannons, Blitz spawns reduced from 16 to 6, re-classified as an Advanced Ship and received a remodel in version .69e
  • Got stripped of its Advanced Ship class, and put back on the build menu, shields increased from 9000 to 12000 and 7 Quantum Cannons changed to 7 Heavy Flak Cannons in version .69f, which caused a very massive price increase.
  • Received a total turret loadout overhaul, lost 1200m³ of Cargo Hold Space and price was massively reduced so it is somewhat feasible to get in version .72d.
  • 3 Medium Cannons replaced with 3 Quad Advanced Cannons in version .72d.
  • Shields reduced from 12000 to 11000 in version .73a3.
  • Fighter teleport fixed in version .73b8.


  • One of the largest carriers in the game, about 3rd or 2nd place in size. Competing with the Prometheus and the Nyx
  • Total cost of more than 750K, including the Warehouse.
  • Used to be based on a ship of the same name from Starpoint Gemini Warlords.
  • Very, very long description...
  • The current model has a very similar style to the Hyperion's original model.
  • The vertical front part looks similar to Ampharos' lower part.