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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

This article describes the NPC vessel, not the Fighter, nor the Player owned battleship. For the fighter with the same model, see A - Bionicle, for the player owned battleship, see Bionicle.

The Bionicle is an AI Alien ship made and used by the Kneall introduced in the Kneall event.


The Kneall Bionicle is the NPC counterpart of the Bionicle and shares the exact same model and stats as the mentioned ship.

Like all other Alien ships, it has a fixed damage resistance of 30%.


The Kneall Bionicle exhibits typical AI behavior: Slowly approaches your ship while attacking if in range.

Once its at its closest point from your ship, It will start to go in the opposite direction until ~4k to 6k~ where it turns around again, restarting the cycle.

It has the ability to call aid from other Aliens in the map and will attack Planets/Starbases if in range.

It has an attention range of 13k studs much like most other AI Ships, anything below that count of studs means it will start slowly moving at you until it's in range with its weapons and it will immediately call aid from aliens present on the map. There is also a chance it will warp and chase you if you warp beyond its attention range of 13k studs.

Currently it spawns every 18 minutes at the same time as the Punisher near the Devastator during the Kneall event.


  • Much like the Decimator, the Kneall Bionicle's AI is also it's weakness where it goes in your opposite direction, losing over half of its firepower. You can exploit this weakness by being close to the ship so it's forced to turn around in the opposite direction.
  • The Kneall Bionicle has powerful Spinals and extremely accurate Spinal aim which it's accuracy can gun down even ships as small as Destroyers if you're not careful. You can circumvent this by going side to side and not towards or away from it when using a fast, agile Ship, or exploit it's blindspot in the back from its AI when using a large, slow, Capital ship.
  • Warp out as soon as it's destroyed as it has a massive explosion size of 5k Studs for a Battleship.
  • Currently, it spawns only at the Devastator, you can lure it away from its Starbase in order to not risk losing your ship from the Devastator's firepower.
  • It also spawns with the Punisher at the same time, this can be threatening even for Dreadnoughts as the combined firepower of both can be as much as a Decimator. To take both down, get either Punisher or the Bionicle's attention and once they start firing, warp back to your Starbase to aid you in taking both down. You can also do this without a starbase, but it requires experience and skill and/or powerful ships such as a Carrier or a Super Capital Ship.


The wreck of the Kneall Bionicle contains 5 Bionicle Parts, 3 Plasma Batteries and 100 Alien Parts and gives 7k-9k Combat reward.

Version History

  • Added and implemented in version .75a10 in the Kneall event.
  • Stopped spawning during the conclusion of the Kneall Event.


  • One of the only ships to have 3 Different variants with the same model, the 2 other variants are the Player-owned Battleship Bionicle and the Fighter A - Bionicle.
  • The Bionicle parts it drops is used in Reverse Engineering, and has a quest in the Terminal C where you can exchange 100 of it for 110k credits inside the Mega Base
  • It's icon is extremely large, far larger than the Punisher and the Decimator
  • The only NPC Counterpart that has the exact same stats, turrets and spinals as it's player based counterpart.